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Making a difference

The Lighthouse Project is here to help you shine as a business who cares about its Corporate Social Responsibility, by shining a ray of light on your community and those that need it most.

There are so many ways you can get involved, whether you would like to volunteer your time or services to the charity, or organise a fundraiser amongst your customers or staff, we are grateful for any help you can provide.  

Here are just a few ways you can support the Evergreen Care Trust when you become a beacon of our Lighthouse project, and be rewarded for doing so. It's our promise to give as much back as we can to thank you for your support:



The Evergreen Care Trust would not exist without its loyal band of volunteers who generously give their time and commitment to support our local community. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and their many skills are invaluable to the everyday running of the charity. 

This is where you can help...

The Lighthouse Project has been formed so that together with our Beacons, the Evergreen Care Trust can grow from strength to strength to help even more people in our community. So if you have a business and think you could help, check out the exciting volunteering opportunities you could get involved in. 

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Evergreen Home Support

Home Support

This vital service was developed for those struggling to manage their home, laundry or shopping.  Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours who are able to help out and the inability to cope with everyday chores can quickly have an adverse effect on a person's sense of well-being and control over domestic circumstances. 

Our Home Support Workers are trained in safeguarding, confidentiality, monitoring wellbeing, prevention and intervention best practice, and crisis support.  They are also trained in knowledge of common health conditions and social issues facing the ageing adult. They are far more than cleaners!

Initial contact: A Home Support Supervisor will visit a member to discuss and assess need and required support.  Support may be either for a short period or longer term to suit need.  

A Home Support Worker will, in time, become familiar with routines and requirements.  As we do not promote dependency, we will encourage our member to continue doing whatever they  can with the Home Support Worker serving alongside to help accomplish the tasks.

Every Home Support Worker is trained to promote all the services of Evergreen Care Trust. For example it could be that our member is in need of some company and suffering loneliness and isolation which can cause additional health issues.



Having fun while raising funds.......that's the Evergreen way!

As a dedicated community charity, we are always looking for new fundraising opportunities. We organise a calendar of fundraising events and activities throughout the year and involve all sectors of the community from toddlers to octogenarians!     

If you run a business, one of the simplest ways to fundraise is to have a collection box in your store or, if you have them, at your events or for those looking for a fun 'team building' experience with the chance to win the auspicious 'Best Beacon Fundraiser' trophy, why not take part in one of our Beacon fundraising challenges?   

To learn more about up and coming fundraising events click here



Here at Evergreen Care Trust we organise many newsworthy events. Getting involved as a Business Beacon not only shows your support for the local community but also provides an excellent opportunity for positive PR through regional print media, radio and social media. 

Find out more about the sponsorship opportunities we have available here 

Spread the Word

Spread the word

The Evergreen Care Trust supports more than six hundred members across the region, that's something worth shouting about! As an individual you can spread the word through your social network, schools, societies or even at your local pub. 

For companies, adding the Evergreen Care Trust logo to your company website or the footer of your emails and letterheads, lets your customers know that yours is a company that cares and understands the importance of social responsibility. By becoming a Business Beacon you are leading by example and are in a position to influence those around you to lend their support. Thank you. 

Evergreen Wellbeing Visit

Wellbeing Visits

Evergreen Care Trust 'Wellbeing Visits' evolved from a service pilot (November 2014-November 2015). Our Home Support Team provide a minimum 30 minute visit to ensure that all is well. Our team member will take time to have a chat and undertake small domestic tasks such as taking out the rubbish or helping to make the bed.

This is a valuable on-going service for some members, but can also be dipped into as a short term measure for members who are recently out of hospital or to cover family holidays; to know that your loved one is being visited regularly by a friendly Home Support Worker, gives peace of mind to all involved.

The Wellbeing Service is provided seven days a week apart from public holidays. This service embodies friendship, trust and support.

Become a Beacon Business...

And help make a real difference in your local community of Stamford, Bourne & The Deepings.

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