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Home Support & Wellbeing Team

Here at Evergreen we care and support our members within their own familiar surroundings through our Home Support or Wellbeing Visits. 

Home Support

Home Support

This service was developed for those who struggle with managing their home, laundry or shopping.  Not everyone has family, friends or neighbours who are present and able to help with these tasks.  The inability to cope with these everyday chores can adversely affect a sense of well-being and control over domestic circumstances.

Our Home Support Workers are trained in safeguarding, confidentiality, monitoring wellbeing, prevention and intervention best practice and crisis support.  They are also trained in the knowledge of common health conditions and social issues facing the ageing adult.  They are far more than cleaners!

Initial contact: A Home Support Supervisor will visit a member to discuss and assess need and required support.  Support may be either for a short period or longer term to suit need.  

A Home Support Worker will, in time, become familiar with routines and requirements.  As we do not promote dependency, we will encourage our member to continue doing whatever they  can with the Home Support Worker serving alongside to help accomplish the tasks.

Every Home Support worker is trained to promote all the services of Evergreen. For example it could be that our member is in need of some company and suffering loneliness and isolation which can cause additional health issues.

Wellbeing Visit

Wellbeing visits

Evergreen Wellbeing Visits have come into their own as a result of the Angel service pilot (November 2014-November 2015).  These are provided by our Home Support Team and offer a minimum 30 minute visit to ensure that all is well.  During this visit a Home Support Worker will take time to have chat and undertake any little domestic tasks such as taking out the rubbish or helping make the bed. This is also an ideal service for members whose families are away on holiday, giving everyone  peace of mind knowing that they are being visited regularly by a  friendly Home Support Worker.

The Wellbeing service is provided seven days a week apart from public holidays.  Visits are arranged for a time that suits a small regular team of trained Home Support Workers. This service enables friendship, trust and support.

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