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Evergreen Lighthouse Launch Event - Local Business Beacons

14 October 2016 | Comments

Business Beacon Event Banner 29Sept

The Evergreen Care Trust unveiled its new ‘Lighthouse’ initiative to a packed audience of representatives from local commerce who are keen to support the work of the charity.

The launch, which took place at The Borderville Centre in Stamford on Thursday (29 September) evening, attracted over 50 movers and shakers from the local community including large corporate organisations, independent business, as well as representatives from other charity and community groups, local schools and New College Stamford.

Louise Marsh, Evergreen CEO said: “Tonight has been a great success, I’m overwhelmed by the fantastic support everyone has shown.  The whole concept of the Lighthouse project is to bring light into people’s lives by providing comfort and hope to vulnerable members of our community." Louise praised the work of James Bolitho Director of Inception Design and Emma Holttum Director of Marketing Perks who have both volunteered their services and supported the project from the offset. James built the new web site www.evergreenlighthouseproject.org.uk and Emma did all the social media and general communications.

Additionally Evergreen are particular grateful to Anne-Marie Hamill, a PR consultant who has very kindly, on a voluntary basis, supported Evergreen for the last year. Anne-Marie has a wealth of experience and will be working closely with the Lighthouse Project to support existing and new Beacons.

A number of members from the local business community have already signed up to become part of Evergreen’s ‘Beacon Business Network’, who donate not just financially but also with their business expertise, goods and services. These ‘Beacons’ are shining examples of local businesses actively participating in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to make a difference to where we work and live and help older people within Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings.

Alison Snell, Global Director of Cummins, one of Stamford’s biggest employers, spoke of the long term association the company has had with Evergreen spanning eight years to date, said: ‘Cummins is extremely proud to be associated with such a fantastic organisation that makes such a huge difference to the local community.’

Ms Snell attributed this continued support to ‘respecting the integrity and shared values of Evergreen’.  Cummins employees are encouraged to offer their skills and are given paid leave to volunteer their time to assist the charity which they in turn find extremely rewarding.

Peter Jackson, Chair of the Disabilities Trust gave a thought provoking talk on the challenges faced by all in the Charitable Sector in light of reduced grants and the effects of austerity.  Mr Jackson praised the ‘wonderful work of Evergreen’ describing the army of 200 volunteers as the ‘engine of the organisation’.

Tom Hindmarch, Director of Duncan and Toplis Accountants, advised attendees on the potential financial benefits of supporting The Evergreen Care Trust.

Nicholas Rudd-Jones, Director and owner of Stamford Living Magazine who has been an Evergreen Business Beacon for the past six months added words of encouragement for attendees to get on board: “We are all responsible for the elderly in our community and whether you are a large of small business, by getting involved you can still make a positive difference.”

Evergreen would like to give special thanks to student of New College Stamford, Shaun Buckley, Leuan Williams and Jason Olley for providing atmospheric music and photography. In addition, Evergreen would like to thank The Welland Academy pupils who volunteered their time to assist in the smooth running of the event.

Stamford Wine Bar provided a very generous hamper full of excellent wines for the Evergreen raffle. The wine hamper was won by Evergreen volunteer befriender Christine Sharman, who was representing her employer Waitrose, an Evergreen Beacon.

Will Phelan, Principal of Stamford Endowed Schools also endorsed the initiative adding: ‘’Evergreen is one of our chosen local charities and the schools have been involved in supporting them for a long time.  The Lighthouse is a simple concept but extremely effective in filling a significant gap in social care provision. The boys and girls have a lot of fun raising money and host an annual tea party for Evergreen service users.’

Local entrepreneur Nicole Heath, Director of Goody2shoes, said: “We are all going to get old and sometimes older people lose confidence and can become isolated.  It’s great that Evergreen is working hard to change this and I will support them however I can.”

Further details of the project can be found at www.evergreenlighthouseproject.org.uk or via the link on the Evergreen Care Trusts website.

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